Contract Manufacturing

Contract Manufacturing

chemical-storageContract manufacturing, sometimes referred to as toll blending, is a chemical blending service provided by CCI at both our Columbus, WI, and Phoenix, AZ facilities. Our team can mix bottles, drums, or totes of your custom formulation and our quality control team will work closely with you to ensure a consistent blend that meets or exceeds specifications for your application.

With 40+ years of experience in custom chemical manufacturing and a global supply chain, CCI represents a total outsourcing solution. We provide safe processing, blending, private label packaging, storage, and international shipping.

Whether you need small batches or bulk blending of specialty chemicals, our commitment to purity and quality is unmatched.


Affordable Chemical Toll Blending

For most companies, mixing chemicals is extremely dangerous and cost-prohibitive. Add in licensing for storage and rigorous insurance protocols, and it’s not surprising that so many companies outsource their chemical processing needs. Some of our toll blending customers source their own supplies, while most rely on our international supply chain and extensive blending experience.

Chemical Processing Infrastructure

CCI continues to expand our chemical processing abilities with recent additions and improvements including:

Updates and expansions like these allow CCI to consistently meet the ever evolving quality requirements and increased capacity demands of our clients in the semiconductor, pharmaceutical and biotech industries.

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CCI has been providing chemical processing solutions for 35+ years. We can help with sourcing, mixing, repackaging, testing and so much more. Contact us today!